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The degree of BTS Diploma refers to 120 ECTS (two first years of the BMD/LMD). It is graded by tests during the training and final tests at the end of the studies, that's why the semestrialisation is not possible for the moment.

Currently, 17 institutions depending on the Ministry of Agriculture are among selected to implement the semester system. EPL "Les Sillons de Haute Alsace" is not one of them, but we wait for the moment when everyone will use this system in order to encourage our students to do academic mobility.

The internship is a compulsory part of the BTS training. It ends with the oral presentation of a placement report which is evaluated


a) Internship abroad

BTS students have the opportunity to do their internship abroad. The teacher coordinator of the diploma provides support for students in their research, the preparation of training and validation of the internship.

At the end of the internship, students prepare an internship report for the part 7 of their diploma.

In addition, the institution will grant them a supplement diploma which recognizes the knowledge and skills acquired during the course

b) Mobility during your studies

The institution  is capable of hosting foreign students for the duration of the whole cycle of BTEC- 2 years of studies. Here you can find the possible trainings in French